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Our terms and conditions has to be asked, because it will change depending on the number of partridges per day (200 up to 2800), number of hunting days (1 to 18), number of hunters (6 to 12) or working or holydays.

Another methods in COTO SANTA MARTA as: free hunting, baits, duck shooting, etc. are planned and budgeted depending on the hiring. 

We send the budget once you make as known:


Number of hunters

Number of companions

Number of partridges by day

Number of hunting days

Private accomodation

Season from October, 10th to March, 10th


For foreigners we are in charge of arrange all the mandatory documentation necesary to hunt in Spain. You only have to send us:

photocopy passport or identity card

complete Residence adress, phone number or e-mail.

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