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​Program dynamics.

Flexibility in all our interventions, comes great peace of mind for our customers, who can choose from the times of the hunts, meals, breakfasts, gatherings, etc. .. until the number of partridges by day and group, from a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 1,400, as we count the partridges collected only because every hunter is given a card with a lottery number, you can go noting their partridges each leaf through.

Just fax or e-mail, a photocopy of your identity card or passport, address, phone, make, number and caliber of the guns, and we'll do all the necessary permits and have prepared the proper cartridges, I even shotguns to pay if necessary.

Depending on the number of partridges from a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 1,400 per day, and a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 hunters had all inclusive budget from Madrid - Santa Marta and Santa Marta - Madrid.

Budget can also happen if the group wants to go to pick them up at home, with a small reactor, for what would have to tell the closest airport or runway where it should be able to come pick you up and Coto directly to Santa Marta.

Likewise, the client can use our track if you want to travel with his own plane.


​Dynamics of day.

Everything is planned in our organization, the travels, snacks, meals, climatology, etc. for wich we had some lounges in different places all around the reserve, for the rain or cold days, wich are quite rare in our region

Human team.

Our team is well prepared, responsible and well manered, and will serve our client in every moment, and will take them with our vehicules, prepared for the off road, to make feasible a calm and relaxed atmosphere, wich we consider a key requirement for the concentration during the partridge beatings from 80-100 partridges for place and beat. 


At the same time, the material used had to be suitable: fronts, sheet wings, cartridge box and trailer, country chairs, bags, nests, hangers, cleaning equipments, guns standings, mats, etc.

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