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The comfort in our home totally prived and reserved exclusively for our hunters, placed just in the middle of our hunting reserve, has to be considerated for diverse reasons. It has available all kind of accesories for comfort, comparable to any high standing hotel. It is and old waterwheel renovated, equipped with 18 rooms, some lounge and living rooms with fireplaces, wood oven, guns exhibitor, private gun cabinet on each room, private wine cellar ready for our clients, and a magnificent cookery with products from our land.


Everything is focused in making our clientt comfortable in a prived and familiar environment.


Our company will receive personally in your arrival to the airport to help you recover your guns, your bagagge and bring you directly to our private accomodation. Anycase, you will be pleased and guided from our team in every single moment.

In the night of your arrival, once putted up, and passed the dinner we will drew the lots for the upcoming hunting journey during the evening, at your electoin, TOMENLOW or ROTARY systems.


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